UpWrite Devotional Journals

UpWrite Devotional Journals

Now there are two UpWrite Scripture Journals to choose from! You won't have to worry about running out of devotions to do. Each journal has three months worth of Scriptures if you do one a day. Once you've filled up your first journal, you can move on to the next one. The UpWrite books are available on Amazon.com.er text here


  • Take a look at the Scriptures listed for the day. I encourage you to really spend a few moments soaking up the words and phrases. 
  • I like to pray for wisdom and help in understanding the passages and verses. I think this opens my heart and mind to the devotions I'll be doing.
  • I use the New Living Translation (NLT) and the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. But you can use any translation you prefer.


  • Write down the verses from the Bible each day. It always helps me to do my devotions when I'm given the Scriptures to look at. This way I don't have to search for the ones I like, or figure out which passages I should be reading.
  • The pages are undated, so there's no need to worry if you miss a day. There won't be any glaring blank pages in your journal.
  • There is space to write down your thoughts and questions about the Scriptures. You might also use this space for writing down your prayers. 


  • Now you can get creative to help you remember what you've studied for the day. Use whatever floats your boat to decorate the pages of your journal. (Did I just date myself when I said "float your boat"? LOL)
  • I use all kinds of art supplies and tools for this part in my journal. I love to use markers, and gel pens. The paper in the UpWrite journals isn't really great to use for watercolors. Once in awhile, I can wet my finger and smudge the marker around to get a little watercolor look and it works fine.
  • The important thing to know here, is this is YOUR journal. The more you interact and engage with these Scriptures, the better you'll remember them and be able to use them in your life everyday!


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The UpWrite Devotional Journals are available on Amazon.com HERE